Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pimp That Snack.

Attetion internet recluses, check out this hilarious web satire. From me. MEEEEEEEE!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Killing Myself, Frame at a Time.

Oi boi. MGR sure is a show thats difficult to make. But nonetheless I have been working myself to death all this week on strenuous hand drawn animation that you all know and love from me. I will say this, it looks great. Right now I'm just exhausted from all of it that still has to be done. But no worries, not that much is left, about 60 seconds left approximately. In the meantime I reccommend buying Matt Wilson's Lost Episode and watching Niko Anesti's GEOWeasel, 2 cartoons infinitely better than mine in several areas.

Other updates:
In addition to the other music videos I had planned I am going to add yet another. Among the few in the list I will actually start, Till My Head Falls Off by They Might Be Giants joins the list. Its such a high energy song that just inspires me to go all out on animation. I have a very Shmorky-esque type of direction planned for it. This is a very hum-drum entry so I apologize, but then again...No one visits this blog. So who cares? Enjoy the drawing..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Andrew K Stupid Drawing Funtime!

Some of my favorite poses from a bit of animation I just finished in MGR 10: Season Finale.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Production Going According to Butt.

The post-hiatus animation status of MGR is coming along rather smoothly and I think I should be done very soon. There are exactly 4 pages of storyboard left out of...hundreds...that may sound like I dont have alot left, but the 4 pages left have really complex animation, that isnt onscreen for very long so thats the upside. In case any of you have forgotten this is a full 10 minute season finale. The show is not going to be over after this, it's just a conclusion of the first season. I hope that clears up any confusion that may have arisen in my time apart.

Other news...Music Videos. I don't know I started a video to Mr. Pants by Brendon Small awhile back but my style has changed a little so I don't know if people will be concerned with the art consistency, (This is the same issue with MGR 10) but I may finish it. Good news for all of you idiots who keep pestering me to finish the One Piece video, I'm going to be redoing it all and more, with the tablet instead of mouse so it will be even better than the old version. I plan to do videos to 1 or 2 Reel Big Fish songs, just because my friends say "I just HAFTA", 1 Less Than Jake video, 1 (more) Brendon Small song, and 1 Littlest Man Band song. That sounds like alot. And it is. Can I be sure I'll do them all? No. In fact I'll probably can like half of those, but these are just songs that I had very vivid animation ideas in my head while listening to them. Hopefully most of them will make it to animation.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Foist Post.

Blogs have become a sensation that I will admittedly steered away from, same with Myspace, but like Myspace I caved into blogs apparently as well. So on with the entry.
This will be a blog mainly for my Flash productions and future projects. It should probably be updated fairly regulary, but don't count on consistent updates. I will have tons of goodies posted here that I wouldn't usually put up on DeviantART, such as animation previews, tests, and storyboards. I hope that you will all enjoy the Cherry Larvae Studios blog. Stay tuned for more treats.