Tuesday, April 22, 2008


As of right now, since I'm SORT OF in limbo between serious work and my own projects, this blog will probably be much more updated.

As of right now I'm doing some small commission art for a few people, planning the Wild Card pilot, writing material for my band The Midnight Lounge Act, and trying to figure out where Giant Snail is headed.

You will probably be seeing a finished MGR 11 sometime soon if I remain free like this. And you'll definitely see the mini Michelle & Feo pilot, even if I feel like it has become incredibly dated.

Keep an eye out.


-Andrew K.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Instead of creating a full cartoon for my next project, and not just because I got no reels from anyone, I will be animating an entry for another contest. I will not name it, being elusive makes me seem cooler. THAT'S RIGHT. I WANT YOU TO THINK I'M COOL.

Storyboards should be up tomorrow.

-Andrew K.