Wednesday, July 05, 2006

There's a sparkler wedged in my eye.

Well...well...wool. With My GOD Robots! Season one almost officially over, I say almost because I still have to put up episodes 5 and 6, I can pursue other projects during the post-season break. My main priority is a new show I have created called "Michelle & Feo". I know some people may know the project from DeviantART, I'm just reminding the circle-jerks who visit this blog but dont comment. The show is basically going to be a writers wet-dream, non-canon scripts. With a show like Michelle & Feo in production while My GOD, Robots! is also in production, I can hone my writing skills to better myself at jokes and scripts that dont require as much continuity. I hope that this will in result make my future scripts for My GOD, Robots! better, but I doubt it will. Heh.

Currently the show has it's first episode written, finalized, and I am now animating the Title Sequence. Right now my big problem is that I have all my lines recorded, but I'm waiting on female voices...So I guess animation will have to wait a little bit until I get them. The show will probably have little to no storyboards simply because, I think the show will be less of a challenge. But I'll see when I actually begin the animation.

Here is a character card of the most up-to-date designs. Some of you may notice some few slight differences from the very first cast drawing I did, compared to this one. I've made Feo's hair a bit smaller, easier to animate. Big hair can be a problem especially with Jason from MGR. I've removed Kevin The Onion's nose, for some reason a nose on his design just seemed to distract me. Grundman's fur has been made a little bit lighter, and I tried to make him a little more cute; the fangirls who love furries will go nuts. Valerie (changed from Gloria) has been made a little more asthetically pleasing, in otherwords, more sexy. But it fits her character since she's constantly trying to make Feo hers. And last, Kristi. Uh, no adjustments have really been made, other than a few color changes he's pretty much the same.


Eric Bottineau said...

The series should be good.

Russell_Reyes said...

I didnt know you had a blog, i'll be checking in here more often now!