Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Everybody Loves Andrew

I haven't done a whole lot on Michelle & Feo this week, mainly because I am busy doing a few test animations for my "job" on a new Smorgasbord Studios pitch. So at last I'm finally getting paid to animate. But I only really have to do a few short tests so I can probably get some work done on Michelle & Feo this week. I hope to get at least this first episode done before I have to go back in school, but it isn't looking very likely with all these projects building up and my physical limitations, I can only sit in front of a screen for so long...Can you blame me? It's hot. And I get sweaty. Here's another screenshot, yo.

MGR Season 2:
I hope to write the script for 11, record the lines, and get Alex's lines before I am back in the classroom as well. That seems probable seeing as I can write scripts fairly quickly and MGR 11 is the standard episode length. It all depends if I can get the free time to record my lines. In the next few weeks I may or may not post outlines of episodes and rough artwork for season 2. Keep in mind that I may NOT, I want the series to be anticipated but I don't want viewers to get too much of a taste of the goodies to come because then they might not enjoy the episodes as much.

Keeping you updated since 1748, Andrew Kauervane is out.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yeah, what a lazy piece of crap.

Well...this screenshot isn't particularly interesting. Just because I had to pick a frame that was completely colored. The good news is that this scene is finished, it just has to be colored. The bad news is...there's still alot of the episode left. And I have just not been working, I've been staying over at several of my friends places since Wednesday, so obviously I have barely been working. But it's alright. All this month I will make it my main priority to finish this episode as quickly as possible. So I guess I'll have to disable my internet or something, whatever I can to get myself to just work.

After M&F1 I don't think I will immediately start working on MGR episode 11. I want to do a video to "Evaluation Day" by The Planet Smashers and send it to them. I think I might get some sort of cash coming my way if I do stuff for them, since currently I may be doing a T-shirt design for them. So that might be cool. More news to come soon, later.