Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Everybody Loves Andrew

I haven't done a whole lot on Michelle & Feo this week, mainly because I am busy doing a few test animations for my "job" on a new Smorgasbord Studios pitch. So at last I'm finally getting paid to animate. But I only really have to do a few short tests so I can probably get some work done on Michelle & Feo this week. I hope to get at least this first episode done before I have to go back in school, but it isn't looking very likely with all these projects building up and my physical limitations, I can only sit in front of a screen for so long...Can you blame me? It's hot. And I get sweaty. Here's another screenshot, yo.

MGR Season 2:
I hope to write the script for 11, record the lines, and get Alex's lines before I am back in the classroom as well. That seems probable seeing as I can write scripts fairly quickly and MGR 11 is the standard episode length. It all depends if I can get the free time to record my lines. In the next few weeks I may or may not post outlines of episodes and rough artwork for season 2. Keep in mind that I may NOT, I want the series to be anticipated but I don't want viewers to get too much of a taste of the goodies to come because then they might not enjoy the episodes as much.

Keeping you updated since 1748, Andrew Kauervane is out.


Niko Anesti said...

I haven't heard of Smorgasboard studios (at least I think I havent't), but getting paid to animate, that's awesome. Good luck to ya

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

cool frame grab, and i cant wait to see it.

Russell_Reyes said...

wood chips, hahah. Looks like grundman has a little crush on Michelle..does he?

Alex Whitington said...

What do you mean 'finally' getting paid to animate?
Some people don't get to do that until they're into their middle ages.