Sunday, September 10, 2006

Still Alive

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. I've just got ALOT of things things to juggle in the air at the moment. Currently I have 7 or so projects going at the same time. I've got Michelle & Feo 1, My GOD, Robots! Season 2, the Ji Spott project, Mighty Mighty Bosstones video, 2 art commissions, and the 2 network pitches for Smorgasbord Studios. And on top of all of that I have to keep my academics a top priority. So yeah, alot of stressful work in my schedule and not alot of time to keep my blogs and art pages up to date.

Michelle & Feo Stuff
Anyways stressful life aside, things are going fairly...slow with Michelle & Feo. As you can probably understand since Michelle & Feo and my other independent cartoons are done for free and on my own time, they become less important when something big comes along like the studio pitches and musician artwork projects. I'm still going to be working away at it, but I probably won't be as consistently as I would if I didn't have all this major deals going on. Here's a screenshot, as you can see it's still a work in progress shot, Grundman's arm hasn't been drawn yet. And I'm still drawing the poses for him at the moment. Feo's animation for this scene is all finished thankfully.

My GOD, Robots! Season 2
At the moment not alot is going on with My GOD, Robots! . The most recent thing I could tell you is that I finished writing the "TBD" outlines that were not in the list, so right now the entire second season has all of its plots planned out. Right now I'm just a little worried about how music is going to work out for this season. It had always been a challenge to get original music on time for this show, but now that both Matt and I are getting into bigger things I think that music might become even more difficult to attain. With Michelle & Feo I don't have the problem of getting an original score every episode because I'm using band music. But maybe I'm worrying too much and music will all pan out with few hiccups. I guess I'll just have to play it by ear until the situation arises. Anyways for the second season the "over-critical" Brian Bear will be a punch-up script writer. I've always been a little concerned about the comedy aspect of my cartoons, I am (in my opinion) a really funny guy in real life, it's just when it comes to actually writing it down I'm a little tapped for humor. Brian is a guy who understands the mechanics of a good script. If you're worried about the show becoming too joke oriented, don't. Brian and I have both agreed that to support good jokes you need strong story and character interaction. He will also be writing for Michelle & Feo too, so get ready for a bumper car full of belly laughs when we begin writing scripts together.

I'll try to keep you more updated
Andrew K.


Niko Anesti said...

Great poses in that screenshot. I hate having to keep academics as a top priority. It'd be one thing if I was learning useful stuff, but that stopped years ago. It's hard enough for me, and I really only have one project going on. So I can't imagine how swamped you are. Best of luck man, and I'll try to get back on AIM this week once Episode 18 is finally in the clear.

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

cool its great to see a scene in progress.

Id love a few posts on the construction of your characters in flash,and other behind the scenes art.

Russell_Reyes said...

screenshot is awesome man... i'd love if you made a tutorial of how you animate, and maybe how you get your lines so damn smooth...

Ziomal said...

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