Thursday, May 29, 2008



Well things are going at a fairly steady pace in terms of work. All I Need is right where it needs to be for the public, but I shall continue working on this until completion; Superdave is being edited by The Screaming Mimes right now I guess; MGR 11 is about to go back into production; Michelle & Feo's mini pilot may just be out for the beginning of the Summer once I blow the dust off of that one; and Wild Card is currently being written.


I'm really at a conflicted point right now in terms of where my musical interests stand. I love ska with a passion still, but I'm now starting to feel like maybe some bands should call it quits after a while. I still love Reel Big Fish but their most recent album was a massive letdown. That album really made the outlook of the ska genre bleak for me. Mainly because they thought it would bring upon the 4th wave of ska in the mainstream. If THAT is what the 4th wave is going to be framed upon then I may just stop listening to all new ska that comes out period.

I AM however anticipating the new releases from Less Than Jake and Rancid. But, with how nearly every release from a ska band now in it's late seniority has been a bike-ride through Mediocrity Park located in scenic Vanilla, BLAND I don't hold much hope for what their new albums have to offer.

I think that many of the senior ska bands these days try to please FAR TOO MUCH. I understand without fans they wouldn't be where they are at all, but that's just it: They're fans. Fans will check out anything you put out, and chances are they will pay for it. So why spend time (3 days; ala Monkeys) on producing something you haven't sunk your heart and time into? I guess my problem with alot of musicians these days, (not just ska, other genres as well) is that they tend to focus more on shoving music down peoples throats as quickly as they can. Whatever happened to quality over quantity? Ah whatever. This is just a stupid rant. Don't listen to me.

I'll keep you posted

- Andrew K.



I know what you mean about the music being played these days.

Its like music back in the day was an art form in a way and actually ment something but theses days it's like all for the money!

You probably thing different but its kind of similar.

solomon mars said...

it's all the same dude. A constant cycle. everyone's heroes eventually die and we move on. but we never really forget what made us enjoy them in the first place.

Rusty said...

God damn I agree with you so much. I did like Party Down, Slow Down, and the Phil Collins cover (probably just because I like that song), but overall, pretty disappointing.

I have a hard time following and getting music from anyone, especially ska bands. I'm going to get more than I currently have, which is not a lot, but I can't really decide on which band to purchase from, and I wouldn't want to make the mistake of purchasing something bad.

By the way, looking forward to anything you put out, as always.