Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's Embark On a Journey


Now that I finally got off my slacker ass and finished the few frames left on that animal cartoon, I can begin my Magnum Opus of sorts, (at least I'm hoping it will end up that way.)

Wild Card is the inner city story of inner turmoil, societal dissolution, and long lost love. The pilot will be very "theatrical" in a sense. I'm not going for all out COMEDY let's say, but it will be some of my best. I plan to go all out with this one. So it may take several months or it may come together swimmingly, you'll just have to wait and see.


Since my live band The Midnight Lounge Act broke up a little over a month ago I've been really concentrating on my solo music. You may have noticed (actually you probably didn't) that I've uploaded 3 brand new original songs to the Giant Snail myspace. Being out of the band environment after being in one for nearly an entire year really makes you inspired to pursue your own vision; something all you. So while I'm still reforming a new band with my buddy and drummer Keith Dast I still plan on cracking down on this project.

I don't know if Tommy will be a part of the new Giant Snail projects because we're both always so busy, but I'm definitely sure the songs he's contributed he would gladly want put on the album. So expect to see some of the best avant-garde pop music available to you the precious consumer VERY SOON!

...That means you WILL buy the album.


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solomon mars said...

well, I can't wait for the new stuff, those characters look like they have some good stories to tell. I like the music too, pretty awesome-tacular.