Sunday, March 18, 2007


So I'm finally up and running. Here's the lowdown on what's currently in production.

MY GOD, ROBOTS! Season premiere, written, voice acted, animation in pre-production.

MICHELLE & FEO Animation to be done over due to unsatisfactory results.

CLASSIFIED NETWORK COMMISSION Currently animating, majority of my attention.

CLASSIFIED NETWORK COMMISSION 2 Did test animations for, status up in the air.


UNTITLED COLLABORATION PROJECT An action packed gore-fest, to be a joint effort between Jordan Dubois and myself.

89 VISION Music video collaboration between Tommy LM and myself.

THE POCKETEERS Music video and other artwork.

So as you can see by this list, I am fucking swamped. But I'm just happy to be working again. I will be pushing myself harder than I ever have to make sure I get through all of this.



Kyle said...

"MICHELLE & FEO Animation to be done over due to unsatisfactory results."
Is it THAT bad? You're swamped as it is. You couldn't get away with tweaking it instead of a total redo?

Andrew Kauervane said...

It's not that I find the animation bad, it's just that it would be incredibly inconsistent if I just picked it up from where it is now, in case you have notice my style has gotten alot more refined since then. Don't worry, the episode will still be the same, I'm just starting over on the SMALL amount done. There was only a 1-2 minutes done.

Aaron Simpson said...

slow down, you'll break something. seriously - you're doing the work of an entire studio.

good luck with everything!

Tommy said...

Is it because? We got the 89 vision?? WOAHHHh hoo

Tyler C. Hendrix said...

That's a WHOLE lot of work. But I guess it'll be alright after that nice long break you were forced to take. I'm looking forward to this stuff.

roxseo said...
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