Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The first blog post of the summer! And let me tell you (I hope) I have a lot in store for you this year! I am finally nearing completion on my classified commission, so I will FINALLY be able to work on my own cartoons again on a regular basis!

I'm very excited to pump MGR Season 2 out as soon as possible. At the moment episode 11 is in animation, but on hiatus until the completion of my commission (WHICH IS VERY VERY SOON.) I should probably write the rest of the seasons scripts when I have time. But that's something you all can look forward to! MGR Season 2 will be my greatest effort yet out of anything I've done, so I hope it all pans out okay.

This show is...well, I'm not sure. It IS going to happen, I promise you that. I'm just not sure when I'll have time for it. Perhaps the show may be put on hold and resume when I'm done with MGR as a series all together, or perhaps I will find some magical bucket of spare time to do this project. Just know I still have interest in it and I have NOT given up on it yet.

I'm not sure which ones I will do this year, there are alot I have ideas for spinning in my head, but rest assured there will be some kick ass ones. Expect one or two from the new RBF album.

There's alot more to talk about I'm sure, but its early, so this blog is done.

Stay tuned.

-Andrew K.

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Rusty said...

Looking good so far. Good luck.